Bespoke Facials are a great way to rejuvenate your skin: dead skin cells are removed, pores are unclogged, blood flow is stimulated and the skin feels oh so soft.

For best results of this beauty treatment, book a facial every 4-6 weeks.


  • Nourishment of the skin and the underlying structures through increased blood circulation. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients from the food we eat and the air we breathe to feed the skin.

  • Fat cells in the subcutaneous tissue are reduced, helping to firm the skin and underlying tissue.

  • Skin becomes soft, pliable, toned and refined. The general texture is improved.

  • Removal of cell metabolism waste is aided by increased circulation, cleansing the skin of impurities.

  • Activity of sweat and sebaceous glands is increased, helping to balance the moisture level of the skin.

  • Muscle fibres are stimulated and strengthened. Tension and knots are eased away.

  • Nerves of the skin become soothed and relaxed, easing pain in some cases.

  • Reduces stress and promotes a feeling of well-being.

  • Epidermis is softened by the application of products, and absorption of products is aided.

  • Scars and scar tissue will soften and loosen as the skin becomes more elastic.

  • Skin's appearance is enhanced: increased renewal of cells, reduced puffiness.

What's Included;

  •  Demaplaning

  • LED Light Therapy 

  • Specialised Face Products

  • Facial Lymphatic Drainage Massage

  • Hydration Mask

  • Million Dollar Globes